We Need To Stop Lashing Out At Apple Users, Here’s Why

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Small rant here guys.

I’m going to come out and admit it right now. I’m guilty of comparing my Android device to Apple’s iOS devices, and even have sometimes gone way to far with it too. Let me propose to you this though: iOS devices and Android devices are essentially the same to the average everyday consumer. There are a small portion of geeks who follow tech blogs and geek out together about the new technology coming out. For geeks, I would say, it’s okay to compare the devices in a general manner, because as geeks, we want the best of the best in our technology. But lashing out at people who adore iOS is wrong. Threatening to kill them and their family is simply wrong. These threats? Yes, I’ve seen them before. In fact, way more than I have ever wanted to see them.

So geeks, be more mature and stop lashing out at Apple. The everyday consumer really doesn’t care about if the device is better or not. Why? The average consumer does not follow tech blogs. The average consumer gets up in the morning, goes to work, hangs out with friends, hangs out on Facebook and then later goes to bed. They do not care about top of the line technology. They just want their technology towork for them. Many of these everyday consumers have grown up on iOS, and that’s just the reason why they haven’t “branched out” or bothered looking at better technology. iOS works for them, and to be honest, it’s a good platform too. There’s no reason for them to go out and look for something better when they have all they need on their iOS device that they have essentially grown up on. It works the other way around too. Those who grew up on Android, that are everyday consumers, probably don’t care about iOS because they have everything they need on their Android device.

All the average consumer wants is for their device to work and do what they want it do. I can tell you that the iPhone 5 is a good device for the average consumer because it works and does everything that they want it to do. On the other hand, geeks don’t like iOS, in fact they hate it for some reason or another. There’s no reason to hate though. You like rooting your device, throwing different ROMs on it and playing around with the nitty gritty of the device. Let me tell you a little secret though: the average consumer will never take the time to do that in their life.

With all of that said, the geeks are the ones lashing out at iOS users and Apple while everyday users simply don’t care. I would expect more from fellow lovers of technology, but apparently it was wrong to expect that. There’s no reason to lash out at Apple for the iPhone. They make a good product. They make a great product. I wouldn’t mind trying the iPhone 5 myself, but I don’t want one, and that’s mainly because I follow technology heavily and see all of the new cool stuff coming out. Everyday consumers don’t have that to see though, that’s why companies send out Press Releases in masses. They need to get the word out, other wise the average consumer isn’t going to see it and frankly, won’t care either.

So, I say we stop lashing out at iOS users and Apple for their product. It’s a good product, and is definitely different than Android. But it works. It works for the average consumer, and they’re happy with it. Besides, it’s their money they’re spending, you don’t get to choose what they do with their money hard earned money.

I would like to point out that lashing out at Apple because of their ridiculous lawsuits is a whole different ball game though.

Do I have a point here, or am I just ridiculous?


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  1. Well said Brad. As I writer for GSMNation I’m pretty guilty of ripping on Apple.

    But I do get where you’re coming from. The average consumer will be happy with Apple’s product…except maybe it’s maps and lack of NFC…there I go again.

    Maybe its schadenfreude, but Apple’s recent fails and Samsung’s comebacks have been pretty funny. And I’ve enjoyed writing about them.

    I can’t promise I’ll stop ripping on Apple but maybe I’ll put a disclaimer at the end: Apple’s a perfectly enjoyable product even if it’s technically an inferior brand (so hard to stop).



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