Vodafone UK Announces Vodafone Red Plan

Vodafone UK is getting ready to launch a completely new range of service plans that are aimed at heavy users of the network. They’ve named the new service, “Vodafone Red.” These new plans will be starting at £29 per month, and will offer unlimited calls and text along with either 1GB or 2GB’s of data (internet browsing, apps and etc). The Vodafone Red plans will be coming into full effect tomorrow on September 8th, and will be available across all of Vodafone’s range of smartphones. The entry-level plan is going to cost you £29 per month and could get you a smartphone like a Huawei Ascend G300. If you’re looking to take advantage of Vodafone’s new Red plan and get a really high end handset at the same, you’ll be looking at paying around £47 every month. It seems worth it, though with the lack of 4G LTE in the United Kingdom, I can’t personally say it’s worth it. Still, the plans are available for your pleasure.

Most everyone should realize right away that Vodafone’s new plans are moving in the complete opposite direction of competing networks like T-Mobile and Three. Both competitors offer unlimited data plans around this price point that Vodafone is asking for along with finite (but very large) allowances of calls and data. I think that it’s going to be interesting seeing how residents of the United Kingdom will react to this new call-focused price plan. Consumers are swiftly moving away from call-focused plans and turning towards heavier mobile data usage. Whatever the case is though, Vodafone UK is insisting that its new price plans are offering the “best value ever” for its customers.

With consumers moving towards heavier mobile data plans instead of call-focused plans, do you think that this new Vodafone Red plan is actually worth anything to you? I wonder if heavier data plans will be available when the United Kingdom gets some decent 4G LTE coverage, currently, as far as I am aware, there is no 4G LTE coverage in the United Kingdom. Although, Everything Everywhere should be launching a 4G LTE this month. Hopefully our friends in the United Kingdom will be able to get some better data plans after that. Not only that but after they get 4G LTE I can only imagine how much the Android popularity will increase in that country as the iPhone does not have LTE connectivity.

Will you be hopping on the Vodafone Red plan? Is it worth it to you, or do you like your current plan a lot more? Whatever the case is, let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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