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ViewSonic VSD220 Android Smart Display Coming to the US Market for $399 in October

When the images of ViewSonic VSD220 surfaced the first time in May, most people, including me, though that it would probably be one large 22 inch Android tablet or TV.  The initial images were quite impressive and we couldn’t wait to find out what this gadget was.  Well, yesterday, ViewSonic released a press release clarifying that the gadget is actually a Smart Display – and it is coming to the US market this coming month for just $399.

In the original specsheet, the display was supposed to have a battery to make it usable outdoors and other places with no power connection but it appears ViewSonic has had a change of heart and removed the batter from the specsheet.  What we have now is not closer to a large tablet but a desktop device that runs on Android and ViewSonic’s major market target seems to be the US.

The ViewSonic VSD220 Smar Display is designed to ‘transform PC computing’ by ‘pairing a full HD monitor with an OMAP 4 processor’ and ‘Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’ according to the press release released by the company in Wlanut yesterday.the screen features a 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution monitor and comes with Texas Instrument’s dual core ARM-Based OMAP 4 processor.  The company developed this PC with aims to transform the post-PC transistion and merge the tablet world and the PC world.  This seems like a smart move to capture a market of Android-savvy users who want to extend their grasp of the Android operating system to the desktop.

The press release points out that this smart display is perfect for a variety of uses including surfing the internet, networking on social sites and enjoying the ever-growing world of Android Apps.  The smart display can also be used commercially to provide Android-compatible services.

If you are interested in this smart display, you should know that it comes with a rich user interface among other ‘compelling features’ according to ViewSonic.  Their marketing strategy is that this is a hybrid between a tablet and a desktop PC which merges the functionalities of the two – but with more advanced features such as the HD display which is not available on standard PCs.  The Smart Display also comes with full Google GMS certification and is compatible with many mice and keyboards.

According to ViewSonic’s website, the Smart Display is now available for ordering although it does not give a specific date of delivery or availability.  If you are interested in getting this desktop pc and tablet hybrid, have a closer look at the specs below.

Core Specs Overview

Processor: Dual Core 1 GHz TI OMAP 4

Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


Memory: 8 GB onboard with microSD card slot

Display: 22 inch 1920 X 1080 Optical Touch, Dual Touch (with Pinch and Zoom)

Compatibility: PC compatible (up to 1920×1080 non-interlaced VGA)

Cameras: Front 1.2 MP (HD 720p resolution)

Connectivity: LAN/Ethernet RJ45, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth V2.1, HDMI

Audio: Headphone Jack, 1.5W x2 with SRS Premium Sound

Power: Power Adapter (100V~240V input, 19V 2.1A output)

I am not very sure what ViewSonic would want me to do with this PC-tablet hybrid at home but from the specs, it does not seem like a computer I can use for office work, to play games or comfortably use as a media center.  The only major difference between this display and ordinary tablets is the screen size – somehow I would hope that ViewSonic would give us a desktop with at least 16GB onboard memory and even a better camera.  For now though, we just have to wait to lay our hands on one to have a hands-on feel and determine if it is worth investing $400 on.

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