Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition finally on sale

When the Galaxy S III was released on Verizon, the locked bootloader made a lot of mess in the developer world and with the reception of the smart phone. At that time, back in July, both Samsung and Verizon announced that a developer edition of the smart phone will be released which would be designed especially for the wireless carrier. And that was also the time when we saw the web page on the company’s website go live. But after that, there was no news of the smart phone, and the sale was not yet started.

Today, the page is finally active and is open for sale. The developer edition, which comes with the unlocked bootloader, will come in two flavors, 16 GB and 32 GB. Apart from the fact that the bootloader will be unlocked, there is no difference between the general version and the developer version. So paying $599 for the 16 GB version and $649 for the 32 GB version can be a bit too steep.

At this point of time, when it has already been a few months since the smart phone has been available in the market, people will already know how to work around with the locked bootloader of the smart phone. So there is a doubt if anyone will still be interested in buying one of these.

If you are not sure what an unlocked bootloader will help you or what kind of difference it would make, here it is. Unlocked bootloader means that you will be able to root your device, install custom ROMs on it, and basically, increase the productivity of the device, which is usually the point of having a smart phone, don’t you think?

So if your bootloader is locked, you will not be able to install custom ROMs or even root your device. Now, Android Authority reports that when they tried buying the smart phone, the website said that it is out of stock. So there are either only a few units of the developer edition or that the demand for the special edition is still very high. Are you buying one of these?

Source: Android Authority

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