Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Update And Fixes “No SIM” Error

The first update for Big Red’s version of the famed Samsung Galaxy S III has been approved as build VRALG7. Many owners of the handset will be extremely excited to learn that one of the issues addressed in the update is the “No SIM” error message that surfaced just about every time you turned on your handset. We have seen many people dealing with this terrible issue via social media networks and etc.

That isn’t the only thing getting put in the update though. Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics Tool, is also headed to it, which is something that has yet to appear on a flagship device like this. It was originally included in an update for the DROID4, LG Revolution, and the DROID Charge, but hasn’t seen the Galaxy S III, at least until now. For those of you that have not heard of the tool, this Remote Diagnostics allows Verizon to connect to your phone remotely in the case that you decide to call them for remote support. While they are not allowed to use the tool without your permission, it is still good to be a tad weary over something with this type of power to be sitting in the background of your phone.

The rest of Verizon’s update strives to make Backup Assistant a bit more stable and useful, improves the data connectivity when using the S Beam, and also fixes Samsung TecTile issues with NFC (Near Field Communication). Usually when Verizon approves of an update, it begins getting pushed out to its users in a matter of days. So, as soon as someone sees this update, I am forewarning you that this isn’t Jelly Bean, but is striving ti improve some of the issues Verizon had with the handset.

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source: droid life