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Verizon Hinting At Future Google Experience

There has been a recently leaked Verizon memo that could very well be giving us an indication of potential future plans that the nations “1# wireless network” make have. The memo is talking about devices like the newly announced DROID RAZR M being preloaded with a few different Amazon apps such as the Amazon App Store and Audible. That’s not all though, the memo has a pretty major notion too: while most devices and handsets that pop up in the future will have the Amazon Suite preloaded, the memo specifically excludes all “Google Experience devices and tablets.”

As you probably know, Google Experience devices are most of the time a Nexus device. That said, this could be a sign that Verizon is expecting at least one new Nexus model this fall. On the flip side of things, this could also mean that Verizon may not have any future Nexus devices coming and just wanted to make sure they covered themselves in case an opportunity to have one comes up at a later date. Still, if you remember back a little bit, there was a rumor of 5 different nexus devices appearing this fall. It’s quite possible that one of these devices could have 4G LTE capabilities.

As you probably can tell, this is all currently speculation, but you can imagine that Verizon wouldn’t of been so specific if they didn’t believe that it was at the very least a possibility. Who knows how it’s all going to work out though. I’m personally holding onto hope to see an AT&T Xperia Nexus device, and with Google’s recent closeness to Sony with the AOSP project, it’s very likely to happen.

Do you think that you would be interested in another Nexus device exclusively on Verizon’s Network? I prefer AT&T over Verizon for a couple of reasons, but if the handset was good enough, I wouldn’t mind considering taking a look at one.

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source: Talk Android

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