Verizon Galaxy Nexus replacement units with signal issues will soon get a fix

If you are one of the many unlucky customers to get your hands dirty with one of those Verizon Galaxy Nexus replacement units, your life will be so full of frustration by now. The reason? Well, the replacement units just struggle a lot to keep that 4G LTE signal active, don’t they? And you usually end up getting just the 3G signal. This has been going on for a few weeks now, and I guess the wireless carrier has taken note of this.

If Droid-Life is correct and is not kidding, Best Buy is pretty sure that there will soon be an update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus devices which will address the signal issue. And when will that update be rolling out? Nobody knows yet, but pretty soon. If you are thinking this is a minor issue for just a few users, you are wrong. Recently, more and more number of people have started reporting the same issue and it is almost time that the wireless carrier did something about the issue.

Apparently, the South Korean Android smart phone giant, Samsung, has figured out what the issue is and has already fixed it in the latest batch of smart phones. And those units of the smart phone which have been updated and shipped to the stores have an “Update” sticker on the box. So if you are shipping for Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you know what to look for on the box.

The other concern of the customers regarding the smart phone is the update that they have been waiting for from a long time, the Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update. The OS has been around for a long time now and some of the major smart phones have not yet got the update, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus being one of them. So, are you one among the angry Galaxy Nexus customers?

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3 Replies to “Verizon Galaxy Nexus replacement units with signal issues will soon get a fix”

  1. I’ve basically given up with my GNex in having any hope of the signal getting fixed. What pisses me off is that Verizon has denied for months that this phone has had a signal problem. Will a firmware or software update fix the problem??? God, I hope so.

    I wonder if these signal problems are ‘clustered’ in certain geographic areas or if it’s all across the country.

  2. Well I have 4.1 and im in Canada on rogers I hope I get a signal loss fix I can’t remember how many times I have called rogers and Samsung and yet nothing is being done

  3. I took my GNex complaint to their Executive Escalations (or some such) people and got a brand new handset shipped out after 6 refurbished ones each had their own problems. The phone was received Wednesday 9-12. I am looking at the clear plastic bag in which the phone was wrapped and there is indeed a little white sticker with “UPDATED” in black letters on it. I can tell you straight out of the box it has EXACTLY the same antennae issues as the previous handsets did. I lose all signals, though, not just 4G. I have lost calls only to look down and see the familiar 4 grey bars with an ‘X’ in the middle. Whatever is updated has not done a thing to fix the reception problems.

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