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Verizon CEO Thinks Samsung Should Create Its Very Own Mobile OS

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has said and claimed that Samsung would be a huge competitor in the mobile OS market if the Korean tech giant ever decided to jump in and create its very own operating system. McAdam’s had a lot to say about Samsung’s huge potential in the world of mobile OS’s:

There’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung. Samsung is a massive conglomerate with the resources to pull off a strong third mobile platform. The company is already the largest handset and smartphone manufacturer in the world, and has a brand and clout that rivals Apple. Samsung could do well putting its resources behind an operating system and would be a clear dark horse.

On paper, it of course makes every bit of sense to assume and say. As we all know, Samsung has a huge market share and even after their losses with the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, they still have a huge market share. This is, of course, thanks to Google’s Android OS since it is now the clear cut second most successful handset maker in the entire world, second to Apple. All of that said, Samsung creating their very own mobile OS would make every bit of sense in the world, but there’s a few problems.

If Samsung wants to go this route, I think that they certainly should move forward with the idea. I personally think that they need to stay with Android for now though. With both iOS and Android being the top two mobile OS’ in this world, and with Mozilla’s web-based OS getting hyped, another one would be a minority I think. We all know Android is already as it is, and it’s only getting better as Google moves along with firmware updates and new features. Not only that, but Android already has such a huge developer following. How would Samsung convince developers to come make apps for their OS instead of Android where the majority of mobile users are? Android really has essentially created itself a massive ecosystem with the Google Play Store. I really don’t think Samsung would be able to build up an entirely new ecosystem and get consumers to jump on in with the idea. Of course, it’s not impossible, but why would they decide to just randomly move away from such a good thing like Android. The handsets Samsung makes with Android always bring in tons of revenue for the company, so why would they move away from something like that?

Of course, we should not forget how well Samsung is doing with Android and their Galaxy S line alone. We recently saw that the Galaxy S III was just able to surpass 20 million units sold within 100 days of its release. Not only that, but those sales numbers don’t look like they will be stopping any time soon. I’m really for Samsung making their own OS, it sounds really cool and I think they’d do a good job at it. I think the risk involved with it though is way too high for Samsung to work off of.

What do you guys think though? Should Samsung continue on with their Android behemoth handsets such as the Galaxy S lineup and their Galaxy Note lineup? Or would you prefer they move on in the world and use their own massive amount of resources to create their very own mobile operating system? If they were to make a mobile OS, do you think that it would have a following?

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source: Talk Android

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