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Verizon Cellular FaceTime Now Offered For Free Starting Sept 19

Verizon Wireless is going fast and strong in helping Apple promote some of the features in its popular devices as the U.S. carrier recently announced it will be offering cellular FaceTime to its customers for free. The Big Red is trying to take the lead in this market and analysts expect other carriers to follow suit.

FaceTime is a video-calling feature Apple offers through its popular devices such as iPhone and iPad. Typically, the application is used over Wi-Fi connection, however, Verizon now able to offer it via a cellular network. Because of this, Big Red will allow iOS device owners to use FaceTime without imposing additional charges including those who are currently subscribed to unlimited data plans.

The free cellular FaceTime offering from Verizon Wireless will be made available when Cupertino-based tech giant releases its newest operating system, iOS 6, on September 19th, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

If so, this functionality will come as a new feature for the new OS. People who will get iPhone 5 would not have to worry about it because it will be packed natively with the device.

iPhone 5 will feature a high-definition secondary camera (front-facing) which means that using FaceTime would also entail increase in data usage as the videos being transferred are much larger than before. But since the new iPhone features 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution), data transfer will never be a problem.

One reason why Apple didn’t offer FaceTime over cellular networks before is because 3G wasn’t fast enough to transmit videos but since all carriers in the U.S. have upgraded their infrastructures, there is no reason to hold back the feature.

While the offering is great, it may have a significant impact on Verizon’s network when people start using it every day; millions of iPhone owners in the U.S. will definitely see this offering a practical one. Analysts believe that it will also change the way people communicate and they might just be used to making video calls instead of typical ones.

Source:  The Wall Street Journal

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