Verizon branded Galaxy Note II pictures leaked online

The first generation Samsung Galaxy Note is an awesome device. Being a proud owner of a couple of units myself, I can say that the smart phone has really changed my life. With that awesome big display and the super productive S Pen, there is a big list of things you can do with the “phablet” that you might not be able to do as easily on any other smart phone.

Now, the South Korean Android smart phone giant, Samsung, has come out with the second generation of the device, the Galaxy Note II, and the device will be shipping by the end of the year. When the first Galaxy Note was released, not all US carriers felt the need to have a phablet in their stable. Verizon, for example, did not offer it. But the wireless carrier now feels the burn, because the Galaxy Note sold over 10 million units. And so, Verizon started offering phablets with the LG Intuition; which is a 5 inch smart phone.

Now, there have been rumors that the Big Read will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Note II, as soon as the smart phone becomes available in the market. To back this rumor up, there have been a few photos leaked on the internet which show a white Samsung Galaxy Note II with the Verizon branding all over it. If you observe closely, you can see the Verizon branding on the phone’s home button as well.

That particular flaw, as I think of it, makes me bias on the thinking that those images could be fake. Because if I wanted to sell my awesome looking smart phone, I would not put a sticker on the only hardware button on the device and make it look ugly.

The rumor also says that the Galaxy Note II will be launched on the 21st of October. What do you think? Do you think this could actually be the device?


Source: Phone Arena