Twitter is going to allow downloading of old tweets

Recently, there was a news that you are losing to lose all your tweets on the world’s most popular micro blogging service, Twitter, if you do not download and keep a copy of it to yourself. But now, it looks like the company has made some changes to its decision and that it will be allowing its users to download all the tweets, mostly.

You may be tweeting only about your breakfast of posting photos from your weekend picnics, but those are stuffs which you feel are important to you, and it is your right to have it with you for as long as you want.

Twitter changed its APIs a lot many times for third party Twitter clients to work properly. This has caused the malfunctioning of so many applications. And the company is set to change them again. Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo is now saying that the users of the micro blogging service will soon be able to download their tweets with official tools. But not just yet. The service will be made available by the year end. Till then, you can depend on some of the third party Twitter clients which provide this feature and which are still working properly.

But there is still the concern of the 3,200 tweets limit. If you have crossed this limit, anything older than your recent 3,200 tweets will be lost. This is because the limit set by the company in the APIs for the third party Twitter clients. This is for sure a pain.

But with the official tool coming soon, this problem may be wiped out. But that is not yet certain. Not just this, but the company is now thinking of allowing third party clients to republish large collection of tweets “that might be relevant to breaking news or a live event, and include things like live polls, or other live-updating information.”

That sounds interesting. So, are you ready to download and back up your tweets for ever?

Source: Gizmodo

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