Turn Your iPod touch Into An iPhone With MorphCase

MorphCase does not try to be a full fledged 3G/4G case for the iPod touch which would let you make calls using wireless data services, such as the FreedomPop jacket, that comes with its own data plan with 4G connectivity and a $100 price tag.

MorphCase is a lot more simpler in its approach and it still requires you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to make an receive calls. Calls are still VoIP based, using apps like Skype or Fring etc,.  So, basically, MorphCase is a VoIP adapter for your iPod touch that come will provide you with a microphone and a speaker, that are built into the case (or wrap around). MorphCase connects to your iPod touch through the standard audio jack and eliminates the need for a dedicated headset to make and receive calls, allowing you to use your iPod touch in exactly the same way you would use an iPhone, around a Wi-Fi connected area.

The Wi-Fi only connectivity might sound like an obvious and major shortcoming, but the point here is, MorphCase does not want to be one of those cases that provide wireless data connectivity. The MorphCase is targeted at a crowd that is not too serious about using their iPod touch as a full time phone. It is for those who do not want to be bother about data plans and monthly data limits and just want to use the iPod touch to make calls when at home, using the unlimited Wi-Fi network. The MorphCase will also be a perfect phone for kids who can use it to make calls only when they are at home, without their parents having to worry about data charges.

Another plus point with the MorphCase is that it adds almost no extra bage to the iPod and lets it retain the slim form factor. Unlike the FreedomPop 4G case, that turns the iPod touch into a ‘fat’ iPhone 3G.

MorphCase is available in white and black colors but will only be manufactured it manages to reach its goal of $100,000 by the end of this month. The case costs only $30 and if you would like to see it become commercially available then go ahead and contribute from the source link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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