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Turn iPhone Digital Photos To Physical Photos With The Impossible Instant Lab

Most of us who use the iPhone do not belong to generation when polaroid cameras were the fad. A camera that looks like small a rectangular box and prints out analog, physical photos. Not instantly, but after a few seconds, over which the image developed on the photo paper in front of the eyes. That is certainly a unique experience that the current generation does not get to experience in this digital age where everything is instantaneous.
A company called The Impossible Project, based in New York, formed by a bunch of polaroid camera enthusiasts, have now set out to bring back the polaroid camera experience to the digital world with a device they call, The Impossible Instant Lab. The Impossible Instant Lab is basically, a large but portable photo lab that develops physical images in exactly the same way, polaroid cameras of yesteryears used to develop, but out of images captured by iPhones.
Here is how it works. The device comes with an iPhone app with which the desired image is opened, after which a timer starts. At this point the iPhone is placed screen down on a telescopically extended top of the device. The shutter is pulled out to expose the film, and pushed back after a signal and with the push of a button, the photo paper comes out, the good old style and the image develops after a few seconds.
The Impossible Instant Lab may not be the most practical image developer tool, but it is certainly the only device that brings back the retro style of capturing images and it certainly gains extra points for the cool factor.

  • Dimensions (english): collapsed 5.8″ long x 4.3″ wide x 2.4″ tall; expanded 6.9″ tall
  • Micro-processor-controlled film development unit with Smart Charger
  • Li-Ion rechargable battery – 150(!) development cycles with one charge
  • Cradle for iPhone4/4S and iPhone5 (Cradles for Android devices will be developed based on user feedback)
  • Compatible with instant film for Polaroid 600 and SX 70 cameras

For more info about prices click on the Kickstarter source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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