Trade in your old iPhone for a new HTC One X and get a new urBeats headset

If you have an old iPhone lying around that you are not using even though it is in perfect working conditions, then here is an awesome offer for you. HTC has been giving away Beats headsets with its recent line of Android devices for some time now. This was its efforts to get back the market share it once enjoyed before Samsung became the big fish in the massive pond of Android smart phones.

But the Taiwanese company was less than successful in its attempts even though the One X did do well. But the company now has another exiting offer for you. You can give up your old iPhone and buy a new HTC One X and then get a urBeats headset free, which is worth $99. Is this deal really worth it?

Well, if you have a first gen iPhone being wasted in the box which is taking some valuable space on your shelf, this is a deal for you. But if you have the relatively new iPhone 4S as your primary smart phone, then you have something to think about. You can sell your perfectly fine iPhone 4S for more than just $99.

But if you want to just get rid of it and do not want to fall into the hassles of finding a buyer and publishing online ads, then this is a very good offer for you. Jump into it. But HTC has its own conditions. The iPhone you can trading can be just any iPhone, right from the first edition of the smart phone to the very latest iPhone 5. But the only thing is that it should be in working condition without any kind of damage to the screen.

That is pretty easy to fulfil, right? So, if you like the urBeats headset and are planning to buy a new smart phone, head over to HTC’s trade up page and fill the form.

Source: HTC Tradeup

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