SteelSeries Free Bluetooth GamePad Controller For Android

With some of the cool controllers popping up lately, it’s not a secret that gaming on Android has been getting easier. That said, it’s only expected to see new accessories for the platform to help make the gaming experience even better than it was before. With that said, one of the larger gaming peripheral companies have announced the creation of a new Android controller called the SteelSeries Free gaming controller. Essentially, it’s another pretty cool way to play your favorite games on the Android platform. This new gamepad is Bluetooth based, and it brings your standard buttons and analog stick, but with a neat unified design to the device. What’s extremely awesome about this gamepad is that it’s capable of more than 10 hours of battery life with continuous gameplay or more than 20 with casual gaming. That’s not even the beginning of it though. The next thing is, SteelSeries is adding native support for games such as Grand Theft Auto 3 or even Max Payne, it will be featuring its own application called the SteelSeries Engine, which will allow users of the device to enjoy a further amount of control over the controller by allowing the user to customize their device to their preferences.

This gamepad has been announced by series, but the company hasn’t released any sort of information on price and availability yet. Contrary to the name of the device, it’s not going be free either (I know you all were hoping deep down inside that it would be free). SteelSeries is an awesome company when it comes to arming yourself up with all of the needed gaming materials. I can tell you right now, that they are one of the best out that, and on a competitive level with Razer, another very well known gaming peripheral company. Both companies make some really great stuff, but when it comes to SteelSeries, I think they are in the perfect position to make some good controllers. Especially if they are headed towards making them for Android. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing the companies popularity go up with this new move.

Is anyone excited for this new SteelSeries Free controller? I wouldn’t mind giving that bad boy a try!

source: talk android

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