Sony Xperia Tablet S Now Shipping In The United Kingdom

Sony’s new tablet device, the Xperia Tablet S was just announced last week at IFA 2012 in Berin, Germany. The device is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom only (for the time being). This second-generation device of Sony’s tablet lineup is the first to boast of Sony’s Xperia branding, which is probably a good move considering how well the Xperia lineup of their smartphones are selling. This new tablet device will be including an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a large plate of Sony multimedia extras. The tablet will also be evolving their “folded magazine” design that was introduced in last years Sony Tablet S. As for the multimedia extras, I know everyone hates a lot of the on-board apps, but Sony does make a few good ones that I think are well worth keeping.  So, if you end up getting the device, give ’em a try.

The 16 gig and 32 gig Wi-Fi only Xperia Tablet S models are currently available to purchase from Sony UK’s online store. They are priced at £329 and £379 respectively, which for a tablet like this, I would consider to be a fairly good deal. It’s not cheap, but for the hardware and features you get, it’s worth it. The 16 gig WiFi and 3G still remains to be available for pre-order with a £429 price tag (obviously we can expect this to be a whole lot more expensive than the Wi-Fi only version of the device). We haven’t heard any release dates for that yet, but I would assume with the Wi-Fi version launching, we should see the 3G one launching fairly soon too. Don’t hold me to that though, Sony tends to change release dates on the fly. This 2012 Xperia tablet is honestly a lot more tempting to get than its predecessor from last year. Most importantly though, the Sony Xperia Tablet S will be undercutting Apple’s third-gen iPad by £70. I think we can all come to an agreement that that is probably one of the best parts about this tablet. By moving this way, Sony is showing that you can innovate, have awesome hardware and also offer the consumer a decent price. Of course, with the Kindle Fire HD launching, who knows how well either tablet will be selling. Sony and Apple do have a couple months to compete by themselves before Amazon comes in to play though.

This might be a tough sell for Sony, but with their innovative design and feature-loaded device, I really do hope that they will see this tablet selling extraordinarily well. It’s not often that a tablet just “explodes” into the market like the iPad did, but I would assume that this one would do fairly well.

Will you be purchasing a Sony Xperia Tablet S? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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