Sony & Simon Cowell Bring Out X Headphones To Take On Beats By Dr. Dre

Andre Young aka Dr. Dre certainly started something when he collaborated with Monster Cable to bring out the Beats by Dr. Dre brand of audio headgears. The Beats lineup of headphones are some of the most popular headphones to be sold around the world and at hundreds of dollars for each pair, they certainly do not come cheap, but at the same time, provide audiophile level of sound quality.

Simon Cowell and Sony have now set out to emulate the Beats success story by teaming up to bring out the new ‘Sony X headphones”. According to Sony, these headphones were developed in collaboration with Syco Entertainment, a company formed by a joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment.

“I chose to make a set of headphones with Sony because I simply wanted something better than what is in the market today,” Cowell said. “I’ve tried all of them, literally every single one. Sony and I set out to create the best headphone in the world. We are absolutely blown away by these. With the X Headphones, it’s like being in the recording studio when the records are made. The sound is that clear.”

The Sony X Headphones MDR-X10 incorporates the folding design to fit neatly into a stylish case that is the same color as the headphones. The cable is a flat, tangle free unit that is detachable and locks into the earcup. Interestingly, the X headphones is not an over the ear headphone but on ear but still manages to offer satisfying passive noise cancellation ability and even fits on the ear just as good as an over the ear design. This is due to the use of urethane memory foam and the general large earcup design. The X headphones also incorporates the Apple three button audio control with microphone. Sound quality is naturally of high quality, after all that is the least it could offer for a price of $299.99. Beats certainly has some competition coming.

Here is Sony’s description:
“Make a bold statement with the head-turning style of X headphones – they’re the ultimate fashion accessory for true music lovers. Precision crafted with premium materials, 50mm driver units and high-energy neodymium magnets allow for mind-blowing levels of audible bliss, while a tightly sealed acoustic design allows for higher levels of sound isolation, pumping more bump into every bass line. No need to leave your headphones at home, the dual-folding compact design practically begs to be thrown in a purse or bag so you can take your music to places it’s never been before. Cushy, pressure-relieving urethane foam makes for not only an outstanding fit, but also discourages annoying ambient noise. Plus the earpads are reversible, meaning you can listen in more ways than one. Get caught up in your music, not your cord with the durable, 1.2 m flat cord with a serrated, tangle-reducing finish. Compact carrying pouch included.”

Source: CNET

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  1. The Sony x is way better than the beats at the price 300 it offers style and quality, more than the beats. The Sony are the number one headphones in the uk of course and getting more famous. So I’m going to go with the Sony x headphones In red for Christmas with the new iPod touch 5g!!!

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