Sony Highlights Innovative Sensor-On-Lens Technology In Their New Xperia V Smartphone

At the IFA conference just last month, Sony had announced a multitude of devices that they would be releasing in the coming months, including the Sony Xperia V smartphone. This new phone will introduce a brand new type of touch screen technology which will be combined with the lens and sensor to give a “direct touch experience.” The traditional touchscreens that we use and that are on many other smartphones have only three layers: lens, sensor and the display. Cutting out one of the layers gives images on the phone one less layer of glass and glue in order to travel through to provide cleaner, and closer images. With the touch sensors being on the very top lens layer, it gives the illusion of touching an image. There are also some pretty logical benefits to this new touchscreen technology Sony has developed, such as the lack of an extra layer, which will obviously make the phone thinner and lighter.

You’ll get a better idea of this new touchscreen technology after watching the following video for the Sony Xperia V:

Are you excited to see this new touchscreen technology? After Apple announced their new touchscreen technology, it was about time someone stepped up to compete with them in that area.

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source: talk android

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