Sony Getting Ready To Launch PlayStation Store On October 3rd

PlayStation gamers are going to be really ecstatic with this news. Sony is getting ready to launch something for their mobile gamers. Starting on October 3rd, Sony will be launching the PlayStation Store for PlayStation mobile devices. The PlayStation Store will be offering those who own PlayStation certified devices to play special content or games on certain devices. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Store will be starting in nine different countries including Canada, United States, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom with more countries on the way. Upon the launch of the PlayStation Store there should only be around 30 titles available at launch and should only be costing around 50 Yen (around 60¢ USD) to 850 Yen (around $10.70 in USD). It is also important to note that there won’t just be 30 titles, Sony confirms and promises that there will be further content releasing as additional titles become available for the PlayStation Store.

On top of all of that, Sony has also decided to highlight some additional news regarding PlayStation devices, but only briefly. All of those that are just reading this post waiting to see what Sony had to say about development, the Sony PlayStation SDK will be coming out of beta this November and will be fully available to the development community. The SDK will be start rolling out in the same countries the PlayStation Store is starting to roll out to with the addition of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Also, it’s going to cost you $99 for an annual license. I will assume that the license is simply to avoid clutter and junk on the PlayStation store, but this will be giving developers a great chance to develop and port some great games to existing PlayStation certified devices, along with devices that will be updated from Fujitsu and Sharp — which are both hopping on the PlayStation bandwagon.

Anyone excited to see all of this? It really makes me want to get an Xperia device.

source: talk android

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