Skyfall-Branded Xperia T Exclusively Offered By U.K Carrier O2

When the Sony Xperia T finally become available in the United Kingdom, consumers are going to have the choice to grab a very unique version of the new smartphone. It’s been dubbed “The Bond Phone,” and U.K carrier O2 has announced that they will be the exclusive carrier for the Skyfall-branded Sony Xperia T. Already named the official phone for the next Bond film, this move is going to take Sony’s advertising and marketing of the device to the next level as many fans across the world prepare for the release of the 007 thriller.

The Skyfall inspired Xperia T will actually come with various pre-loaded 007 content including ringtones, screensavers, themes, geo-tagged images from various locations that appear in the upcoming film, and some exclusive James Bond packaging. Along with this content on the official Bond Phone,buyers will be able to get the new 007 Legends game for Xbox, PC and PS3 for free.

In addition to this special Bond phone, there are reports from various sources that are surfacing saying that Sony will be producing a white variant of the Xperia T handset. It’s very unclear at this point as to whether this will be connected to any of the Skyfall promotions. There should be more Skyfall promotions coming up in the next few weeks as we get closer to the opening of the movie, so it is very possible that the white variant of the Xperia T could be included in the promotions, but we don’t know for sure yet. Hopefully some of these handsets will be appearing in the United States too, but as of now, information is still pretty scarce.

It would be pretty awesome to have a James Bond themed handset, but with O2 saying that they would be exclusively carrying the handset in the United Kingdom, I have some pretty high doubts that we’ll be seeing it in the United States at all.

source: talk android