Shazam Tops 250 Million Users; Lets Tagging TV Shows Possible On Any Channel

Best known as a music-identification application, Shazam claims it is currently in the works to add another functionality to let users tag any TV show on any channel to get information like who’s acting on the screen, what music is playing, and more. The company also boasts of its now 250 million users, putting the app on the top ten most downloaded application in the planet since it was released in 2008. Chief Revenue Officer Doug Garland said: “Each week we get more than two million users. People think it’s magical. But the reason people come back is because there’s an amazing degree of utility.” Advertisements and shows have been compatible with Shazam via partnerships like the London Olympics and Super Bowl commercials although the company is currently working  with almost all show on 160 channels in the United States. It has also tapped other popular shows like American Idol as partners to further promote the popularity of the app. Currently, users can tag music and select TV shows and ads by tapping a button that shows up when the app is launched. The much richer app will now allow the user to tag anything being showed on the TV, display music from the show, give details from IMDB about the cast, trivia, gossips, and the latest tweets about it. A button will also pop-up so a user can pre-load a tweet with the correct hashtag for the current show being displayed. Tagging sporting events will show stats and box score inside the app. “We noticed that 54 percent of users were using Shazam at least once a week to tag things on TV… so we thought that there’s a lot more we can do with this.” according to Garland. “Interactive TV has been roadkill thus far on the information superhighway.” The company has already entered into deals with over 140 brands to incorporate Shazam inside ads, but it also hopes to integrate specific TV shows. Shazam has reportedly worked on the recent “Shazam for TV” feature for almost over eight months. It has already tallied over $300 million in sales of digital goods, which is expected to increase further once users will have the  opportunity to tag bigger compilation of content. The phenomenal new features of Shazam and its mind-boggling 250 million users is transforming itself from a purely music-tagging app into a famous TV app.

source: theverge

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