Sennheiser and Adidas launch new series of earphones

Sennheiser is pretty much of a household name. It is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Now, Sennheiser has ties up with Adidas to launch new sports earphone series. The company has launched five new models which are said to have undergone tests conducted by professional athletes. The new line of earphones will supposedly deliver high quality sound with great wearing comfort even in extreme situations.
Comfort while wearing earphones have always been an issue for me. I’ve had problems like earphones falling off my ears when jogging and similar situations. There are different kinds of earphones for that kind of purpose, but most of them aren’t comfortable enough. Sennheiser’s new line up of earphones aim to eliminate that problem by focusing on comfort department.

The sound performance of all five models has been enhanced to ensure an energetic listening experience without compromise, even under extreme training conditions, according to Franz Brunnberg, head of the adidas Licensing Department. The new sports models have been designed ground up with the emphasis on better wearing comfort and secure fit, he adds.

The PX 685i is a newcomer of the series and costs $79.95. PX 685i has a smooth-adjusting headband that should provide a secure fit even in extreme training scenarios. The PMX 685i is a neckband design earphone which also comes with a $79.95 price tag, and at 20 grams, it is apparently the lightest model in the class. The third model is MX 685 and it promises maximum freedom of movement, thanks to the presence of EarFins, they ensure a perfect in-ear fit. At $49.95 price point, they are relatively cheaper and come with Slide-to-Fit system which allow easier adjustment to individual ear sizes.
The PX 685i, PMX 685i and MX 685 are the perfect solution for those who are into outdoor training as these three models have great noise isolation capability, but ensure a higher awareness of surrounding noise as a safety feature.

The other two models including OCX 685i and the CX 685 are in-ear models. They are priced at $79.95 and $69.95 respectively and are ideal choice for those who prefer to concentrate on music during their workout. They weigh only a mere 16 grams, which should be nice on your ears and almost unnoticeable during workout. Additionally, three of the new models will also be armed with Apple remote and microphone module which can be used along with iPhone or iPod, thus allowing to pick calls and control the music selection without taking the phone out of pocket, which is ideal for people who listen to music even in the thick of their sports activity.

Build quality is always a big question, but that shouldn’t be a cause of worry for a product that is manufactured by Sennheiser. The cables are para-aramid reinforced which along with water protection system will effectively protect the earphones against sweat and even rain. The earphones are expected to be launched at IFA in Berlin and will be up for grabs in the U.S. later this fall.

Source: Sennheiser USA

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