Scosche RHYTHM Armband Supports Android

Anyone who is really into fitness and wants to use their Android device to support that activity now have a completely new tool available to use. Scoshe has just released their RHYTHM Armband accessory and accompanying Android application to help Fitness activists improve their workouts. At the heart of RHYTTHM Armband, it monitors pulse and by extension, workout intensity. This is achieved by slipping on the lightweight armband on your wrist and then pair it with an Android device using Bluetooth connectivity. After the Armband is connected via Bluetooth, the app beings to collect and record data from your workout. If a person is running or cycling, it will provide you with a map and record your route. After finishing your workout, those who are using the Armband will be able to view a summary, save the record, and also upload the data to a web site for analysis at a later time.

Along with all of the workout functions built inside this new application, users will also be able to access and manage their music library. If you’ve used the application called “Motiv8,” this is very similar. You can even read our review on Motiv8 here. On the RHYTHM Armband you’ll be able to user integrated buttons to control the music with a volume rocker, a track forward/backward button and a few play/pause options. What’s interesting, and this is something we saw in the Motiv8 app, users will be able to specify a “power track” that can be triggered when you need an extra mental boost during your crazed workout, hopefully it doesn’t error out like it did in Motiv8, though.

I used my Android phone for most of workouts. Except I used Google Play with a playlist. But, I would be really interested in the RHYTHM Armband and would really consolidate a lot of the apps I use during my workout. If you’re interested in trying out the Armband or even the app, you can use the download link below to head on over to Google Play, and also the website where you’ll be able to purchase the Armband for $99 (the app is free). I would like to comment and say that the Armband is really worth it for $99. You can find your average heart rate monitor for a good $50, but with the amount of integrated features packed in the Armband, I can see where it is totally worth it.

The app paired with the Sosche RHYTHM Armband is just an excellent idea, in my personal opinion.

Is anyone interested in getting both the application and the Armband, and then pairing them up and seeing how it works out? Do you think that these two paired together will drastically help out your workouts, or do you just see it as another accessory to have? Whatever the case, I think it sounds a whole lot better than what your average workout apps are. This definitely surpasses what Motiv8 can do. I’m really excited to check it out.

Download Here

source: Sosche
via: talk android

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