Samsung plans to include iPhone 5 to the ongoing lawsuit with Apple

We all know about the Apple vs. Samsung patent war that has been going on for years now. The Cupertino tech giant did win it over the South Korean Android smart phone giant, and it also got $1.05 billion as compensation. But that was not enough for both the parties. They are still going at each other. And now, with the release of the new iPhone 5, the spark has ignited again in Samsung‘s heart.

Samsung had given a warning to Apple that if the new iPhone 5 comes out with 4G LTE, Samsung is going to sue Apple for infringing its patents. And now that the iPhone 5 has indeed come out with 4G LTE embedded into it, Samsung is all ready to proceed with its plans. As a started, the company has already submitted a document to the federal courts where it has stated that it is anticipating adding the new iPhone 5 to the list of grievances it has against Apple over alleged patent infringements.

But still, there is no 100% guarantee that the South Korean Android giant will be able to sue the company behind the iPhone 5 just yet. The iPhone 5 is still under analysis to find out how the device works and what patents might have been possibly infringed in the device. So until this is done with, the court will not allow Samsung to include the new block on the kid to the old lawsuit. And by the time they are done with the analysis of the device, Apple would have sold a few million units of the new iPhone 5 already, leaving Samsung as a laughing stock once more.

Along with the 4G LTE feature that Samsung claims was infringed by Apple, there are other patents that Samsung will be suing Apple over. We will just have to wait and see how all this ends.

Source: Ubergizmo

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