Samsung Mobile Boss Expecting 30 Million Galaxy S III Sales in 2012, Targeting 20 Million For Galaxy Note 2

While today might be the day we hear about the new iPhone, Samsung Mobile head JK Shin is attempting to make some news of his own with his latest comments to the Korean Press in the midst of the iPhone fad. Speaking to the Korean news agency Yonhap, Shin had indicated that he is expecting the company’s flagship handset, the Galaxy S III, currently sitting at a whopping 20 million units sold, to hit the 30 million mark before we reach the end of the year pretty soon here. They may even hit some larger figures depending on how this month goes. Such a figure would be unheard of for any single Samsung smartphone ever. The Galaxy S II hit the 20 million mark earlier this year, so it would make sense that the Samsung Galaxy S III would blow that one out of the water.

Shin also told Yonhap that the recently announced Galaxy Note 2 is expected to shift twice as many units as the original Galaxy Note, though this one seems to be a pretty long-term target as opposed to a target to reach in the next three and a half months. The original Galaxy Note managed to sell 10 million units worldwide, it seems as if Shin is looking to aim for 20 million with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I have no doubts that the handset will be selling 20 million units though, Samsung has already proved that they were able to do that with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

With Samsung phones in general, with the Samsung Galaxy S III specifically, handsets are just continuing to fly off store shelves. It seems to have increased after the Apple vs Samsung legal battle verdict, but with that said, there is no doubt that Samsung won’t be hitting their goals this year. Of course, we could be wrong as it will be facing some stronger competition than it has had over the next quarter. Apple is announcing their new iPhone today, so who knows how much that will put up against Samsung. We’re guessing that with the recent outrage that they won’t be hitting any sort of record sales, especially with people beginning to move away from their iPhone’s and pick up a Samsung phone.

Samsung has a lot of phones still on the way into the market, so there’s no doubt with them being more cheaper and affordable that the iPhone might have trouble selling well. Of course, due to the popularity of the iPhone it will get some pretty good sales, but I doubt we will be seeing any record breaking sales news. Maybe I’m wrong though. I hope not as it would really be a terrible day for Samsung to not reach their goal this year.


source: android central

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