Samsung may soon release a Tizen smart phone

Samsung is well known for its vast line up of Android smart phones. The South Korean company has been extremely successful in selling Android smart phones compared to Bada smart phones, which is its own creation. The company did release a few smart phones based on the home brew Bada operating system, such as the Wave and Wave II. But unfortunately, this was a flop due to many reasons, such as an inferior operating system and lack of third party developers, which means lack of apps for the platform in its app store, Samsung Apps.

Now, there are rumors that Samsung is planning to try its luck with Tizen, another whole new platform. Samsung should make this work because the company had a very bad time with Apple and its patent wars. The South Korean Android smart phone giant did lose over a billion dollar as damages.

Samsung has also shifted its attention slightly towards the new Windows Phone 8 platform by Microsoft. HTC has already announced its 8X smart phone with Windows Phone 8 running on it, and Samsung is getting ready to give a competition. When such is the market, it is good if Samsung gives the new Tizen a fair share in the competition. Bringing a new platform into the market is always new. And maybe, Samsung can keep this also as a back up to Android.

On the other hand, Mozilla is also working on bringing out its own mobile operating system, which to me, looks like Android in its early days. This new platform also has a lot of potential, it is to see which manufacturer will harvest the best out of it.

There is also the news that Samsung has already tested Tizen on its flagship device, the Galaxy S III. This could mean that the company might actually release a Tizen device very soon. This could be interesting.

Source: Ubergizmo