Samsung May be Working on Galaxy Nexus 2 (GT-I9260), may be dubbed Galaxy Premier

Will we be seeing different versions of galaxy nexus devices anytime soon?  According to a distant rumor, we just might see more than one variation of the Galaxy Nexus phone soon coming from Samsung.  After the immense success of the powerful yet affordable nexus 7 tablet, it appears that the mere mention of the name Nexus represents affordability, power and reliability of Google’s Android devices.  Sometime last month we mentioned that there was credible reports Samsung, LG and Sony were each working on at least one Nexus device each (Galaxy Nexus 2, LG Optimus Nexus and Sony Xperia Nexus respectively).  Samsung’s may just come out first after all.

Google’s partnership with Samsung to bring us the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and with HTC and Asus has been fruitful as the Nexus devices have captured the hearts of many users.  It is important for Google that as many devices as possible on the market run their Android operating system because being a search engine giant, its influence must penetrate every corner of earth to beat off competition.  There is currently no credible reports whether the Galaxy Nexus 2 dubbed Galaxy Premier is real or not, but going by past rumors, it most likely is.

If the Galaxy Premier is in the kitchen hen it is likely to be a slight improvement to the Galaxy nexus phone which in itself has pretty impressive specs too.  According to Pocket Now, the GT-I9260 device will pack an older ARM 11 processor and will have a screen resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels.  Now, the issue of processor is a little confusing because this is the same CPU that the first Android device packed, the HTC dream.  It would be illogical for Samsung to go back so many generations to revive a very old processor especially since the current galaxy nexus runs on a dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 processor.  It’s successor must have this or something better – I am thinking a tegra 3 dual core at 1.5 GHz at the minimum.  The rumor however clarifies that the ARM Cortex –A11 CPU which does not exist yet would be an upgrade from the A9 found on the current Galaxy Nexus.

This is just a rumor, and a very strange on indeed, even when it comes to the name Galaxy Nexus Premier.  If indeed there will be a name change then it would not be a nexus device really, just a new device that seeks to ride the wave of popularity the Galaxy Nexus created.  Perhaps this may be the best platform for Google to introduce its rumored new operating system the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie early next year.  We have also read rumors of how Samsung may be planning a Galaxy Nexus S to succeed the Galaxy Nexus but this rumor seems to have fizzled in July.  If Samsung is indeed working on a new Nexus smartphone, would it be so hard to just call it Galaxy nexus 2?

What do you think about these speculations of a new Galaxy nexus device?  If it is indeed in the works, what features or specs do you wish the new phone needs to have to impress the Android market considering there have been so many changes and the competition has stiffened so much since the Galaxy Nexus was launched October last year?

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3 Replies to “Samsung May be Working on Galaxy Nexus 2 (GT-I9260), may be dubbed Galaxy Premier”

  1. You know what I don’t get? Why don’t they just make an Asus Nexus phone( Asus Nexus 5 or 4.8 )?
    It’ll get more fame than the Nexus 7. It’ll be like the IPhone and IPad. Plus, the the backing of the Nexus 7 on a phone would be awesome looking!!!! And why would Samsung make a way more awesome device for someone else that could beat their own phones? Durrrrrrrrrrrr

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