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Samsung Launches “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” Campaign Again

Last year shortly after Apple debuted the iPhone 4S, Samsung started a campaign called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here.” You may or may not remember that. Since Apple is getting ready to debut the iPhone 5 and release it to carriers, it’s really  not a surprised that Samsung Electronics is pulling out that campaign again. They’ve changed something though, this time it’s featuring the Galaxy S III, which ironically has been there most popular handset as of late. In the 90 second commercial they put together, we see the herds of iSheep waiting very patiently to get there new iPhone 5 in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Then, all of the sudden the Galaxy S III enters the scene and starts crashing the party as all of the herds of iSheep get extremely curious about the Galaxy S III and catch just a glimpse of the S Beam and Share Shot, two features that the iPhone doesn’t have. As for the conversations happening in the commercial between the iSheep, Samsung was clever enough to reflect off of the comments that were being said throughout the media and average consumer right after the Samsung vs Apple court ruling.

This specific TV Spot will be airing tonight during “The Voice” on NBC and “The X-Factor” on Fox. Enjoy!

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