Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Edition Headed To German Retailers

If you have a fetish for anything pink that involves Hello Kitty, and want a entry-level Android handset, along with the basis that you live in Germany, this device might just be a perfect fir for you. Samsung Electronics will be releasing a special Hello Kitty edition of the Galaxy Y. The handset is complete will all the pink color and cute you could ever want. It comes with a customized home button, a pastel pink and white case, and even comes with a bunch of different special wallpapers and ringtones that is surely to please your teenage daughter, or that creepy neighbor you have that lives across the street. Of course, who would want to get that close to their neighbors?

Unfortunately, this handset isn’t fantastic when it comes to hardware. It comes with a 3 inch screen, 800MHz CPU, and an older version of software that is based off of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It’s clear that the marketing strategy here is the “cuteness” of the handset and not any sort of blazing speeds or top of the line hardware. I think I will pass on this one and leave this for someone to test out and take a look at.

Any takers?

source: android central

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