Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Coming to Sprint Later This Month

There has been a new internal document that was leaked suggesting that Sprint could possibly be preparing another mid-rang Samsung smartphone, but this time Sprint will be debuting it on its LTE (long-term evolution) network. They’ve dubbed the handset the Galaxy “Victory”4G LTE and it’s sporting a dual core Snapdragon S4 processor. It’s also rumored that the device will be featuring a somewhat underwhelming 400 x 800 display. If the handset had a 4 inch screen though, I guess it could somewhat “justify” the lower resolution it offers. Still, 400 x 800 is a really crummy display and may or may not even be worth purchasing.

The internal document in question shows that this device will be apart of Sprint’s September promotions program, which means that representatives who are able to sell the device, they’ll be earning $3 in commission per Victory smartphone sold. Sprint hasn’t revealed an exact release date yet, but with the Galaxy S III earning $7 in commission, Sprint representatives will be less inclined to recommend the handset to customers with a bigger budget. After all, making the most money possible out of smartphones is always the focus.

Considering that we have the ongoing Apple vs Samsung patent war, Samsung releasing these devices without the slightest hesitation is a really good sign. I’m hoping it means that Samsung will just be looking to be more careful when it comes to designing phones instead of slowly moving itself away from the U.S market. Personally we should be hoping that this device does not get looked at by Apple, we don’t want a new one caught up in the feud between Apple and the Korean based tech giant.

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Victory’s specs though, I really think that the device should be free (on contract of course). It’s specs aren’t really something to drool over, and if it were, you’d probably be better off just going with the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. With a 400 x 800 display and a limited 4G LTE network, I don’t see this device as something that consumers should really be proud to have. Sure it has a fairly nice processor, but again, the Galaxy S II or Galaxy S III if you can afford it is probably the better choice. Sprint really needs to step up its game when it comes to getting these devices, AT&T and Verizon have a much larger variety of handsets which is probably due to their vast LTE network.

Is anyone interested in getting a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE when it launches? Would it be something you would be interested in getting for yourself or a family member even? Again, I can’t say enough how much better the Galaxy S II is, but it’s ultimately your choice when it comes to picking up one of the devices. If you end up getting it during Sprint’s September promotions program, let us know how well the device works for you! We’d love to hear about it as it is pretty new!

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source: Talk Android


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