Samsung Galaxy S4 slated for February 2013 launch

Amidst all the commotions built around Apple-Samsung legal feud, the South Korean manufacturer is allegedly planning to launch a follow-up for Galaxy S3, a Korean newspaper revealed Monday, September 17th. Samsung Galaxy S4 is reportedly being slated for a February 2013 release. Apparently, the company is not planning to let go of its Galaxy series devices easily despite being the center of Apple’s patent infringement claims.

Mashable’s Emily Price reported that the launching will be done at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the first quarter of next year. Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with slightly bigger display of 5 inches (Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inches screen) but might feature pixel density over 450ppi and a much higher resolution.

It has already been the tradition of Samsung to release follow-up devices for its existing flagships and most of the times these devices will feature the company’s latest electronics offerings. Reports suggest that Galaxy S4 will feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor but others are confident in saying Samsung might just use its new Exynos 5 Quad processor clocked at 1.7GHz.

This newly-rumored handset may still showcase Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology. Either it will use Qualcomm’s chipset or its own both will come packed with top-notch graphics processors allowing the manufacturer to optimize display specifications. But basically, since the Korean phone-maker builds high-quality screens, processors and RAMs, it is expected that there will be generous upgrades to these components.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has hundreds of new features and we can expect majority of them will be ported to the new device. According to Korea Times, the company will stick to its rectangular shape with rounded edges. There is also a great possibility it will be thinner than Galaxy S III and much more “human.”

Samsung is considerably popular in Europe than any other brands in the same market, hence, the logic why Galaxy S4 will be launched in Spain earlier next year. It wouldn’t also be a surprise if it will be made available in that region before reaching the U.S.


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  1. samsung galaxy s4
    – Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
    – Mali T658
    – LPDDR3 2GB Ram
    – eMMC Pro Classe 1500
    – 16 mp 1080p camera
    – 4,5″ display ClorOled (358 ppi)
    – battery 3200 mAh
    Lte/Lte advanced

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