Samsung: Galaxy S4 Rumors Not True

Samsung has taken to twitter to pour cold water on the recent rumor that the company was working on a new Galaxy S4 smartphone (highlighted here), the successor of the S3 smartphone.  Fanatics, including me, were already getting excited by the rumor that Samsung may be working on the new smartphone to be released in March 2013 during the Mobile Word Congress (MWC 2013).

Samsung’s tweet in Korean loosely translates to:

“Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S3 subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor is not true. [If] not doing anything, why spread these rumors?”

That thwarts the excitement that was starting to build up about the company launching a better smartphone than the best we currently have in the market doesn’t it?  According to Samsung, the buzz that spread like wildfire yesterday after an anonymous Samsung official told a Korean paper that Samsung was ‘ready to launch the Galaxy S4 smartphone in February 2013 in Barcelona’ is baseless.

But hen, Samsung may be just coy about it, they may be working on a new smartphone but are not ready to confirm anything yet.  The S3 debuted in May this year and has been topping the charts as the best smartphone in the market – benchmark tests by CNET show that even the iPhone cannot match the phone’s performance.  Since the device was launched, Samsung has released variations of the device including an international version running with a quad core processor and a yet-to-come 64GB version before the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 set a record of over 20 million unit sales within 90 days.  The company expects to sell over 30 million units before the end of the year – and if the trend is anything to go by, it just might achieve this.  Samsung will most likely want to keep any news of new devices better than the S3 in development under wraps to reap the most out of the S3’s wave of popularity.

What do you think about the rumor of Samsung working on an S4 smartphone?  If you have not read the rumor post, you can read it here.