Samsung Galaxy S IV coming in Feb. 2013?

Apple recently announced the latest and the greatest (still in question) iPhone ever, the iPhone 5. Just a few days before that, another major smart phone manufacturer on the plant, Samsung, had announced another new product, the Galaxy Note II. The patent war between Apple and Samsung went on for more than a year and did not end in happiness for Samsung. And Apple benefited $1.05 billion, a huge sum of money. Now, the two companies are head to head in the smart phone competition and Samsung is ready to do anything to bring Apple down. And this effort is beaming in a kind of obvious way.

The South Korean Android smart phone giant, Samsung, has recently released an awesome flagship device, the Galaxy S III. And now, as the phone has become kind of old, rumors about the device’s successor are coming up to the surface. We have the first ever rumor about the next Galaxy S device from Samsung today. And the source of the news is not sure if the device is going to be named Samsung Galaxy S IV, or Samsung Galaxy S 4. Well, that is going to get some heat.

Apart from that, we have a few more rumors. First, Samsung is going to bump up the size of the display on the smart phone from the current 4.8 inches to 5 inches. Samsung seems to have found a love for big screen devices, which is obvious from making the Note II a 5.55 inch device.

Next, the rumor goes on to say that we can expect the device to be released by February of next month. The device is supposed to be on display at the Mobile World Congress 2013. A Samsung official has passed on this news to the Korea Times. So whether to believe it or not, is your choice.

Source: Engadget