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Samsung Galaxy S III Under Pressure, Apple Going After Samsung Once Again

While we all may have thought that the feud between Samsung and Apple was finished this last week in the highly-covered and widely known patent lawsuit, apparently it’s not. You would of thought that the $1.0+ billion judgement and high stock losses for the Korean tech giant would of been more than enough to drive them out of the smartphone and tablet markets, it wasn’t though and Samsung looks like they want to continue this war for innovation. For all of the hype, last week’s verdict in the litigation was just Apple winning one battle in a wide-scale war. Apple even recognizes that it was just one battle and things aren’t over for them yet. Instead of taking the weekend off from such a victory and waiting for Samsung Electronics and the rest of the worlds Android manufacturers to just give in to defeat, Apple continues to push this battle even further after filing documents Friday in a San Jose Federal Court.

This time the filing was a request to add more handsets from Samsung to a lawsuit that was filed way back in February of 2012 alleging a variety of patent infringements. Apple is really off their rocker with this one. The original lawsuit covered only 17 devices that had been made between August of 2011 and the court filing. This new request from the Cupertino-based company adds four more handsets to the list with the most notable one being the Samsung Galaxy S III. This isn’t much of a surprise though, earlier in August we did hear rumors of Apple readying their weapons to fire at that handset after it’s very notable success with selling 10+ million units. There has been no word or response from Samsung yet regarding this latest filing. I’m not sure how well the lawsuit is going to go concerning this handset with it being inspired by “nature.” It’s definitely going to be a interesting argument and I’m sure Judge Koh is getting quite impatient with this constant lawsuit against the Korean tech giant.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out though. I really can’t believe that Apple is going against the Galaxy S III though, that handset looks nothing like any of Apple’s devices unless they are angry about the rounded corner. That said, if they were so angry about the rounded corners on the device, they should start suing the old flip phones too. This is really getting out of hand, the patents that Apple is suing Samsung over is just ridiculous and really need to be stopped before innovation completely dies out.

Is anyone actually surprised to see Apple add more devices to the litigation? I’m not really surprised. As I said earlier, we already heard rumors that Apple was gearing up to add the Galaxy S III to the lawsuit after they finished up with their current work. If you’re wanting a Galaxy S III, now might be the time to buy one before Apple manages a way to ban that handset too.

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