Samsung Galaxy S III Reaches 20 Million Units Sold Milestone


A press release was issued today telling us some extraordinary news. Samsung Electronics, the Korean tech giant, has announced that their popular flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S III has finally achieved 20 million units sold. This milestone was reached in only 100 days after it’s debut in May of 2012. What’s really cool is that the pace of sales was faster than any predecessor model from Samsung. We can only assume that the popularity of the modem may have been helped by the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit and then of course the fact that Samsung’s release schedule for the handset was far ahead compared to many of the other manufacturers. During the year of 2011, Samsung Electronics was able to overtake Apple when it came to worldwide smartphone shipments according to Strategy Analytics. This fantastic sales performance of the Galaxy S III handset will only help Samsung maintain a foothold in the market despite Apple’s forthcoming iPhone launching this month. Whatever the case, we’ll definitely see some very heavy competition coming from both companies after it releases to consumers worldwide. It’ll really be interesting to see what the hardware in the iPhone 5 looks like compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S III too.

What would be really awesome would be if the Galaxy S III could outsell the vast popularity of the iPhone 5 this month. We’ll just have to see what happens after it releases. There is no doubt that the iPhone will see a massive amount of sales though.

Will you be getting a Galaxy S III anytime soon or are you holding on to hope for the iPhone 5 this month?

source: Talk Android

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