Samsung Galaxy S III PowerSkin Case Brings NFC To Galaxy S III

There are a lot of people that just walk around in this harsh world with the expensive devices unprotected, I am one of those and there are countless others like me. But then, there are others who would not take a chance at their $800 Galaxy S III getting broken or scratched up. As I said, I really just don’t use cases, I would rather take the risk showing off my hot new handset than keeping it covered up under layers of protection. Still, there is this new case that is fairly interesting that also adds a certain amount of functionality that I really wouldn’t mind taking for a test run. It’s the new PowerSkin NFC-enabaled battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Aside from it offering some stellar protection, it has some other features that are built into the case with the most notable feature being NFC.

It has an on and off button located on the side of the case that gives users power on demand. It also comes with a 1500 mAh battery that will extend talk time on the handset by 2.83 hours and 97 hours of standby.  NFC (Near Field Communication) is enabled so that you can share information quickly (ie. Google Wallet). There is also another feature called Smart Power Management that will shut off PowerSkin when the phone is fully charged so that there is no loss of power.  It also comes with a included cable that will allow you to sync data while re-charging, LED battery lights that will display the charging status and a one-piece silicone case that slides on easily that will protect against any sort of shocks, drops and those evil dust bunnies.

Rather than having to take your handset out of the case to use the Near Field Communication service, it’s right there and ready for you to use. No need to take it out. That is something I find extremely helpful and I actually wonder if we will be seeing more of these types of cases. That way NFC capabilities will be able to spread a whole lot faster than just waiting for manufactures to add them in the handsets themselves. If you’re looking into getting one of these and taking it for a test run, it’s going to cost you $80, which really isn’t that bad. There is a limited time offer though. PowerSkin will be offering a free portable speaker until September 19th. So, you may want to get in your purchases as soon as possible if you were looking to get a portable speaker.

Is anyone looking forward to getting the PowerSkin NFC case? Do you think that it will ultimately help manufactuers with NFC capaibilites in the future? One complaint was that the Samsung Galaxy S III just didn’t have NFC, and this seems to fix the problem. So, would you be interested in using third party companies to get your NFC capabilities, or would you rather just wait for the manufactuerer itself? Let us know in the comments below!

source: android central



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