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Samsung Galaxy Note II Accessories Spotted at IFA

Those who like buying accessories to complement their devices are for a treat with the ones that Samsung offers for the Galaxy Note II. Among the accessories are flip covers, cases, pouches, S-Pen alternatives, among others. These have been spotted at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany.

The flip covers allow users to give their smartphones a personal touch while protecting the phablet from scratches and drops. They come in a wide variety of colors including as pink, red, black, white, yellow, blue and green. The advantage of using these flip covers is that users are able to protect not just the rear of the phablet but also its front, ensuring that the display does not get damaged. These covers are similar to what Samsung released for the Galaxy SIII, except, of course, for the fact that the flip covers the Note comes with a space for the S-Pen slot. There is a good chance that these flip covers will hit market shelves in the United States as Verizon Sprint and AT&T are already selling Samsung’s flip covers for the Galaxy S III. They could be priced at around $40.

For those, however, who like cases instead of flip covers, Samsung also has cases for the phablet. These case appear to be made of plastic and feature a bumper on the edges of the case. A slot for the stylus is likewise integrated with the design.

Pouches are another protective option. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II pouches appear to be made of leather, but whether it is real or synthetic leather remains to be known. Owners of the phablet can use these pouches to envelope the device.

Samsung is providing alternatives to the S-Pen stylus of the Galaxy Note, as well. The ones that the South Korean company put up for display in IFA show styluses for those with larger hands. They can use this to replace the S-Pen stylus that is expected to come with the full Galaxy Note II package.

Samsung is also selling battery chargers, vehicle docks, and keyboard docks to use with the Galaxy Note II.

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