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Samsung Galaxy Camera visits the FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a peculiar device. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Music, the South Korean Android smart phone giant is exploring ways in which it can exploit the huge potential of Google’s Android mobile operating system. And the company seems to be doing well till now. The Galaxy Camera, as the name indicates, is a camera with the Galaxy brand attached to it. The device has a 16 mega pixel lens on it, capable of taking some really awesome pictures.

The camera has a lot of functionalities which you would not find in any other camera, even high end DSLRs, such as the power of Android. The camera comes with wireless connectivity options such as an HSPA radio (what seems to be the case), WiFi, and others. The Galaxy Camera had just given a visit to the FCC, which means that the device will soon be coming to the US. But which carrier are we expecting with the Galaxy Camera?

Well, according to the reports over at the FCC, AT&T seems to be the choice, as usual, for the Galaxy Camera. The device comes with the capability to handle communication on 850 and 1900 MHz frequency, which is the frequency used by AT&T in the US. So this is how we know about this. But there was no mention of any 4G LTE frequency in the report. This means that the Galaxy Camera is not coming with any 4G LTE chip in it. But we may see that as an update in the future editions of the device, or as a new model for a bit more expensive price tag.

On the Wi Fi front, the Galaxy Camera has support for 802.11a and 802.11n in the 2.4 and 5GHz ranges. There are no price speculations yet, and I do not want to make any estimates. The question here is, do we really need such a camera? The only thing in the device which could turn it into another Android smart phone is the absence of a SIM card slot, maybe.

Source: FCC

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