Samsung Facebook campaign backfires

There’s no doubt that Samsung’s biggest rival is Apple. The Cupertino based technology giant won the recent case against Samsung on the basis of patent infringement. The outcome of the case was pretty bad, and a jury declared that Samsung should pay Apple $1.049bn in damages for illegally copying iPhone and iPad features. Also, the court has banned the South Korean technology titan from importing and selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computers. Yesterday, a judge refused to lift the ban, which is pretty bad for company’s sales.

Apple recently announced its sequel of the much popular iPhone, the iPhone 5, and yes, like all Apple products, even iPhone 5 has managed to attract so many buyers that iPhone 5 pre orders topped two million within 24 hours of the launch (Read: iPhone 5 pre-orders top two million in first 24 hours). Samsung obviously isn’t going to sit quiet while Apple has all the fun. Samsung has released few adverts mocking Apple fanboys in an effort to prove that Samsung’s Galaxy S III offering is much better than what Apple has to offer with iPhone 5. Here’s an ad which says that the next big thing is already here.

Samsung recently launched another survey on the social networking site, Facebook, asking people “If you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?” The question is accompanied by a big picture of the Samsung Galaxy S III which hints the answer to the users. The survey however has backfired and replies are flowing in saying they would choose “iPhone 5” instead of the Galaxy S III if they were going to a deserted island. One comment from an user even says that iPhone 5 has an app for almost everything. That’s a surprise that Samsung wasn’t expecting. Apart from the replies favoring iPhone 5, many people have even voted for the Nokia 3310. This reaction of the people comes right after the brilliant ad by Samsung above.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 isn’t as revolutionary as expected. The phone has received mixed reactions. Some people say it is revolutionary and Apple has reinvented the iPhone, whereas others feel that the latest iteration comes with an evolutionary bump in the technology. The new iPhone has 4G and a bigger screen, but other phones like Galaxy S III have had it for a pretty long time. The iPhone doesn’t even have NFC, whereas many midrange Android phones are now shipping with NFC chip inside. Apple could have incorporated wireless charging like what Nokia has done with Lumia 920, and that could have been a pretty good selling point too, but seems like Apple wanted to keep such features in reserve for the next generation iPhone. Nevertheless, the phone has managed to attract 2 million customers within 24 hours, which testifies Apple’s strong fan base.

What are your thoughts on this? Which device would you choose given you are heading towards a lonely island. Samsung’s facebook promotion can be found here.

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