Samsung displeased on US District Court’s ruling, demands new fair trial vs Apple Inc

It was “unreasonable and unsupported” — a description uttered by Samsung pertaining to the US District Court’s ruling over its recent patent battle against Apple Inc. For this being said, the Korean-based conglomerate company therefore seeks to have a new fair trial for its copyright infringement case against the American-based manufacturer, and this time, without any constraint.

The epic Apple-Samsung patent case trial was recently heard at the US District Court in San Jose, in which jury is administered by Judge Lucy Koh.

After a three-week hearing in court this summer, the jury has issued a verdict in favor of Apple Inc. On this ruling, the court has ordered Samsung Electronics Co to pay Apple with $1 billion in damages and interest for breaching patents of the iPhone and iPad technologies. Not contended with this verdict, Apple filed another case, demanding the Korean-based company to pay another $707 million for copyright infringement on its iPhone and iPad devices.

But the court verdict has disappointed Samsung even more. Besides losing $1 billion in the case, the company also felt they were biased and that the court was unfair on imposing limits during the trial.

According to the Galaxy-maker, “The Court’s constraints on trial time, witnesses and exhibits were unprecedented for a patent case of this complexity and magnitude, and prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case in response to Apple’s many claims.”

In its filing to the US Court on Friday, Samsung emphasized its resistance to the jury’s directive on time trial restraint. The ruling has indicated that witness testimony on both sides should only be up to 25 hours for the whole trial. Samsung cited such order to restrain exhibits, witnesses and trial time was unparalleled for a complex case like this. It further claimed that the ruling has averted them from presenting a full fair case to retaliate on the many complaints filed by the American multinational company against their firm.

Apple, on the other hand, lately appealed to the court for an additional $707 million tacked to its previously won $1 billion against Samsung. Apart from this, the American-based company is also filing for a permanent ban on several Samsung devices in the United States.

The case in San Jose is just one of the several legal cases associated with patent infringement rights filed by both companies. In the case heard at the US District Court in San Jose, Apple indicted Samsung of copying the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone designs for its line of tablets and smartphones.

But Apple’s recent filing of permanent injunction on a number of Samsung products in the U.S. is likely the main thing Samsung has to be worried much. Of course, if Apple triumphs in this case, then not only Samsung needs to pay extra $707 million but is also jeopardizing its Galaxy S III market in the United States. Samsung Galaxy S III so far has sold more than 20 million units already. Apparently, Samsung no longer wants to risk any more millions of dollars this time otherwise, it would be a huge mess for the entire business.

Source: Phone Arena