Samsung Confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Coming in October

I think we can all agree that Samsung isn’t the best company when it comes to timely updates, especially with numerous customers still waiting for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to hit their Galaxy S II devices. While we can’t bale this all on Samsung, as carriers tend to be the ones at fault for delaying updates. We can definitely prove that by just looking at Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus. Gah, never mind. We won’t go there.

That aside, Samsung is looking to keep their customers happy, and by that I mean we’ve got a little surprise coming. The Korean tech giant announced today that “the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system will be available on the Galaxy S III from October.” Three cheers for Samsung! Now lets just see how the carriers handle the update.

Considering the news is coming directly from Samsung, it’s most likely that this update will be rolling out to the international versions of the Galaxy S III. As you would expect though, individual carriers are going to have to approve the update before it will be allowed to be sent out OTA (Over The Air). There’s no word on the exact day in October that the update will be available, which could potentially turn out to be a good thing as Samsung has struggled in the past to meet their own deadlines more often than not. Then again, the Galaxy Nexus and the update for that was pretty ridiculous. Who knows how it will all work out this time around. Lets just hope it won’t be another Galaxy Nexus incident though.

This news is coming straight after Everything Everywhere (now EE) revealed that the company would be taking on the Galaxy S III and bringing it up to its brand new 4G LTE network that was just releases for public use. EE’s variant of the device will be coming pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so users of the handset aren’t going to have to wait for this update like many of us over in the States has had to.


source: talk android