Sample Photos Taken With Rumored Samsung GT-I9260′s Device, Camera Specs Leaked

We’re getting really close to seeing what all of the rumors and teases are about concerning the mysterious Samsung GT-I9260 smartphone. After we saw a User Agent Profile of the device last week, an alleged user of the device had casually took some different photos using the GT-I9260’s camera and then uploaded them to Picasa. The EXIF data of the photo highlights a GT-I9260 model number, but the photos were not taken at their full resolution. With that said, we can’t really tell if the device has an expect 8 mega pixel camera (I would expect so since this has been the standard going forward, mostly) or not. With that aside, the photos do show the camera has an F/2.65 aperture and a 4mm focal length, which lines up with the camera and sensor that can be found on last year’s Samsung Galaxy S II, so it is very well possible that this new device will have the same type of camera that was found on the Galaxy S II.

Whatever the case is, it’s beginning to sound like this very rumored device is shaping up to be a really good mid-level phone. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more about the handset really soon. I’m personally kind of excited to see what it’s about. Samsung usually makes good devices, and there mid-range handsets are most of the time really good.

source: talkandroid