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Sales of Bigger Android Smartphones Rise

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reports that the sales of larger Android smartphones are increasing. In fact, 29% of all the Android devices that have been sold within the past three months sport a display measuring more than 4.5 inches. Among these are devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Huawei.

Apple Inc., whose latest iPhone measures 3.5, is said to be addressing this trend by likewise increasing the size of the upcoming iPhone. If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 5 will be the largest among the smartphones that Apple released in the past, with its measurements speculated to be 3.95 inches diagonally.

Kantar moreover discovered that Android is getting stronger in Europe where it reportedly enjoys a 20.2% rise in terms of market share as compared to last year’s figures. Android now controls two-thirds of the smartphone market in said region. In Spain, Kantar even found out that Android comprises 90% of the smartphone sales, while in most other markets, Android has 50% of such sales.

This tendency, however, does not apply for the United States, where Android’s market share fell by 4.5% while that of iOS increased by 9%.

Kantar likewise analyzed the how the size of the display affects how consumers use the device. According to their study, consumers tend to use a device for various purposes more if its screen is bigger. Kantar compares the experience, for instance of watching videos on a device with a display measuring less than three inches with the same activity on a device with a screen measuring more than five inches. 65% was found to prefer watching the video on a larger screen. Larger screens moreover allow users to feel more immersed in the experience of using the device. The more they feel this, the better the chance of the consumers to choose that brand again once they decide for a better model.

Kantar envisions the study to be useful for manufacturers of smartphones as well as carriers.

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