Rovio’s Bad Piggies is officially out in the Play Store

Rovio’s next big hit after Angry Birds is here. If you have ever played Angry Birds in your life, which you must have (if not, you must be living under a rock for a few years now), you would know what the story is. A few pigs steal the precious eggs of the birds, the birds then become angry. Hence the name Angry Birds. You would play with various varieties of birds as the main characters. But in the new game, called the Bad Piggies, you play with those pigs as the main characters.

Talk Android describes the game as, “users will need to create the ultimate form of transportation and try to go from level to level, all the while stealing those precious, precious eggs on the way.” That must be fun for sure. This will be Rovio’s biggest hit if it becomes successful. Amazing Alex, though a very beautiful game which gives your brain some work, was not received by the mobile gaming world with the same enthusiasm as the Angry Birds was received.

Coming back to Bad Piggies, you can create your own forms of transportation, in any way you want. That is the best part of the game. It tries to help you improve your creativity. Though this may not appeal to toddlers as well as Angry Birds did, this will definitely keep you away from hours and hours of productivity.

The game has at least 60 levels, with all the amazing tools to build your own transportation. And if 60 levels sound a bit less to you, you can add up to another 30 levels by winning the previous levels with three stars, that sounds appealing, right?

Bad Piggies is supported on all Android devices running on Android 2.2, or Froyo, and above. There are two versions of the game, one for smart phones, and another HD version for tablets. So try the game on both your smart phone and tablet for varied gaming experience. You can download Bad Piggies on your device from the Play Store over here.