Qualcomm Developer Contests AllJoyn and Windows RT App Challenge, Win $200,000 In Prizes

Qualcomm AllJoyn App Challenge

The Qualcomm AllJoyn challenge was just announces yesterday, and that of course means big prize money. Yes, if you are able to create the most innovative and and original app using AllJoyn, you could be walking away with an extra $170k in your pocket. If you didn’t know, AllJoyn is an open source, OS-agnostic framework for application development that will enable proximity based device-to-device communication that will connect people in real time. Of course, to get started your going to need to know what your making. Here’s the categories in the Qualcomm developer contest:

  • The Best Overall App (Can be anything as long as it’s good)
  • The Best Game
  • The Best Educational App
  • The Best Social App
  • Best Multiscreen Experience

While making an amazing game or social app isn’t difficult, it sure is time consuming. With that said, you better get ready for crunch time this contest because the last day to submit your entries is October 1st, 2012. If you’re looking for a bit more details on the Qualcomm AllJoyn App Challenge, just hit the source link below for AllJoyn and you should have every last piece of info you need.

Qualcomm Windows RT App Challenge

This challenge is specifically designed to give those developers a jump start who wants to start taking advantage of the new Windows RT platform. Five winners will be selected to win $200,000 in prizes and marketing support from Qualcomm. You can also find all the information you need about the Qualcomm Windows RT Challenge by hitting the source link below.  Qualcomm is committed to helping developers create innovative experiences for users, and they reaffirm that with these contests. This really is just a small example as to how they are trying to help drive the innovation when it comes to apps and such.

Are any of you going to be signing up for this challenge? Surely someone wants to take a chance at that $200,000 in prizes. It is definitely crunch time though, with having until October 1st to submit your work, there may be some sleepless nights involved. Still, you do have two weeks to create it, but I think they aren’t looking for entirely “working” applications, but applications that are working enough to show off what you want to do to help drive innovation with these apps.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to hear who’s taking a chance at this!

source: AppJoyn, Windows RT Challenge