Print Mobile Photos on the Move with LG Pocket Photo Mobile Picture Printer

The new portable photo printer unveiled by LG just yesterday looks a lot like a portable hard drive with a screen, or a different form of tablet because of its size.  We are used to bulky and complicated design printers but this is nothing like that, the Pocket Photo printer is simple and designed for easy portability.  If you want to be able to print the photos you take wherever you go, this portable printer may be just what you need.

LG Pocket Printer measures only 2.8 by 4.7 inches and is 0.9 inches thick and is the smallest picture printer in the world at the moment.  As the name suggests, this printer can easily fit into your pocket.  Using it is even simpler as any phone or tablet running on Android can send a picture to print wirelessly via Bluetooth or NFC or by connecting a USB cable on an application interface to print it.  Unfortunately, the printer does not work with other operating systems at the moment.  iOS, Windows, Blackberry and other mobile operating systems cannot use this printer for now.

The pocket photo printer can print up to 2 x 3 inches pictures on a Zink-activated paper.  This means that there will be no need to insert traditional ink cartridges.  The application to be installed on the phone to send the pictures to the printer is advanced too and can allow the user to edit pictures, add messages, apply filters and even QR codes before sending to the printer.

The polaroid Pogo Mobile printer that costs $39.99 will no longer be the smallest mobile printer once the Pocket printer is available in the market.  The Pocket photo will however set you back $170 if you are interested in it and 10 sheets of printing papers will cost $13.

The Pocket Photo will come in 3 different colors: Pink, orange and silver.  Unfortunately, it will be released in Korea only for now and there is no official statement on when it may come to other world markets especially European and American markets.

If you want a mobile printer to use on the move, for now you can go for Pogo mobile printer.