Possible Chances of An Amazon Smartphone?

Right before Amazon’s press event is getting ready to take place today in Santa Monica, word has begun coming out of the woodwork that Amazon has confirmed a phone to be in works. Yes, an Amazon phone. The Verge is reporting that a number of sources were able to verify the existence of the Amazon phone model and some sources are even saying that it’s going to be revealed at today’s event. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares with the designs of devices we have right now. Obviously we can all assume the standard touch capabilities but will it be as powerful and as slick as most Android phones are? I’m kind of excited to see what this is all about personally. Currently, I personally don’t think think that the Amazon App Store is much good with its minimal amount of apps and low quality apps, but if we were to get an Amazon smartphone put on the market, I can only imagine how much better the Amazon App Store would become after developers jump on board the Amazon bandwagon. Once we started seeing things like Facebook get put on the Amazon App Store (granted that it’s well developed), surely this has a lot of potential. Hey, this could even eventually lead to an Amazon operating system. They seem to piggy back off of Android right now, but there’s no doubt that Amazon would love to create their own operating system. More competition the better.

Indications are that the phone is still currently in development, but Amazon may have a demo unit that is working pretty well. Thus it may just be ready for us to see at a press event. Other sources have been saying that the handset will be running a forked version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, similar to what the Amazon Kindle Fire is currently running. There hasn’t been anymore details on the handset aside from that, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long if this handset will be revealed at Amazon’s press event.

The question is though, would the consumer be interested in a Amazon smartphone? I think so. It’s surely not going to be as popular as Android currently is with 1.3 million new Android handsets getting activated per day, but I do think that Amazon has a lot of potential with this, especially from their large Kindle Fire followers. Hopefully Amazon will be telling us more about this project that they’ve kept secret for so long at the press event later today. I wouldn’t mind hearing how the handset was spec’d and what hardware is in the device. Maybe it’ll have a Qualcomm processor or even the Nvidia Tegra 3. Whatever the case, I’m pretty excited to see what they’ll be bringing to the show today and can’t wait to see what they’ll have.

Stay tuned with The Droid Guy and we’ll make sure to keep you updated with new devices from Amazon today!

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source: Talk Android

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