Pogo Connect Pressure Sensitive Stylus From Ten One Design

Stylus pens for professional users such as artists have been in existence for a long time but things have never looked as good as it is now for company’s that make digital pens and stylus devices. There is now a large universe filled with touch devices in all form factors and artists and photo editors and other digital content creators are making full use of these new devices, exploiting their advantages over traditional devices. Naturally, the intermediate device that makes it all possible, is in limelight.

Wacom has long been the leader when it comes to bringing out digital products such as touch pens, styluses, touch input device and all related products, but new companies are too far behind and are fast catching up. Ten One Design is one such company new company that is know for Pogo brand of stylus input devices and mostly caters to Apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

The company has now introduced a new Pogo stylus with advanced feature that is generally found in input devices from Wacom. The new Pogo Connect digital pen can now detect changes in pressure applied by the user. This means that the higher the pressure applied, thicker and darker will be the pen or brush stroke on the screen.

Pogo Connects communicates with the device via Bluetooth 4.0 and requires a AAA sized battery to power it, which the company says, will last for months. The AAA battery is used to power the Bluetooth and also to power a programmable LED. Since all the data is gathered by the digital pen itself and radio waves are used to transfer this information, the touch device that is being used should come with special software that can interpret the information sent by Pogo Connect.

In case you are wondering what kind of special software would detect the input from Pogo Connect, here are a few apps that the company says is compatible with their new digital pen. Brushes, Zen Brush, PDFpen for iPad, Procreate, FlipBook HD, and Sketch Club. Upcoming apps include, GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Colors, Paper, SketchBook Pro, and NotePad Pro.

Pogo Connect stylus is priced at $80.

Source: CNET

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