Planetary Annihilation Gets New Kickstarter Stretch Goals

The Planetary Annihilation’s Kickstarter drive has taken on the speed of light. They’ve asked for $900,000 to finish their game, except $1.3 million has been pledged already. They’ve surpassed their goal and as a result we’ll be getting gas giants and improved orbital units added to the game. Uber Entertainment, the developers of the game, are creating stretch goals, and the first stretch goal is going to start at $1.5 million. This will give Uber enough resources and funds to create both lava and metal planets. That’s nice and all, but yesterday they announced a new $1.8m goal called GALACTIC WAR.

Uber has described Galactic war as a “replayable single and multiplayer metagame.” It’s essentially going to allow you to conquer procedurally generated galaxies system by system. You’ll have the option to play solo or against the AI, or even join in on “online multiplayer mega-battles” and “plunder the universe” with friends. Uber is even putting up servers for larger and more organized competitions. Here’s the latest update on the game if you’re interested in taking a minute to listen:

Anyone excited to see this title reach its funding goal? Will you be increasing your pledge to make Galactic War be a possibility? Let us know in the comments below!

source: PC Gamer

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