PC And Surface Getting Adera, A New Hit Game From HitPoint Studios

A new big game, Adera, will greet users of Windows 8 this fall as HitPoint Studios unveiled its new digital gem. The game will be available on computers and tablets running Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Jim Hawk, producer at Microsoft, said that the game was developed by the Hatfield, Massachusetts-based HitPoint Studios. The said game will make use of features like the multitouch controls, accelerometer (tilt) controls, and the Xbox Live for Windows. Microsoft is set to announce a new set of games designed for its new platforms, including PC and tablets. Adera will be the start of a new development of great games for Microsoft. The tech giant is aware of the fact that any new good game can greatly help in the success of a new operating system.

Aaron St. John, the co-founder and CEO of HitPoint Studios said: “With Adera, we created a title with cinema-quality production value that’s totally unprecedented in the puzzle-adventure genre, and our partnership with Microsoft Studios has enabled us to bring a classic casual gaming title like this to the mainstream. The extended reach of Microsoft’s Xbox platform along with the development capabilities within Windows 8 enables us to build new, rich games that widespread audiences will truly love to play.”

During the interview of St. John, he said that Adera is a hidden-object game, so a player will have to search for a hidden object through a beautiful scenery. He also added that he was impressed of touchscreen computing with Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface and that he believed it would be an advantage for his team to what they wanted to do with Adera. “We’re doing some creative stuff that has never been done before,” St. John said.

St. John is a younger brother of a longtime game industry player Alex St. John, who helped pioneer the Windows games at Microsoft.

In just four years, HitPoint created more than 130 games with more than 50 million players playing on Andriod, iOS, Facebook, and PC platforms. The company normally makes advergames and branded games. St. John said they have been working Adera for more than a year. The most successful game that HitPoint created up to date is The Secrets of Arcelia Island, which is also a hidden-object adventure game.

The general manager of connected experiences for Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty said: “HitPoint’s expertise in creating casual and adventure titles made them a natural choice to help us introduce new gaming experiences to our core audiences. Casual gaming has seen astronomical growth over the last several years, but the market is
saturated with look-alikes. We’re committed to providing Windows 8 users with high-quality gaming experiences in classic genres as well as those that they might not have seen before.”

HitPoint was founded after Paul Hake Production and Golden Goose Games decided to merge in 2008. The company has 57 contractors and regular employees.

source: venturebeat